Ag Bags

Ag Bags…

What is an Ag Bag, you ask?  Well, most Aggie Mom’s clubs provide some sort of goodie bag for their students to help ease the trials and tribulations of preparing for finals.  Each semester the Round Rock Area Aggie Moms Club offers Ag Bags which we think are the very best. We present each Ag Bag in a reusable container.  We’ve used a soft-sided coolers with an A&M logo, drawstring canvas bags, plastic storage containers (great to use when moving home) and anything we can find that will hold all the goodies.

We fill these with around 25-35 items, mostly food, but we also include practical things, like pens, pencils, post-it notes, even travel toiletries or sunscreen.  We also include fun items (examples of prior fun items – slinkies, race cars, whoopee cushions, yoyos, bubbles) – anything to relieve the stress of long study sessions.  You’d be surprised how many of our students say that blowing bubbles for a few minutes can be very relaxing and require no thought whatsoever!  The snacks, however, are the mainstay of the Ag Bags.  We include some healthy and some completely unhealthy items, but the main idea is that they have things on hand to sustain them in their “time of need.”

Mostly, these treats are a wonderful way of letting our students know that we are thinking of them and wishing the best of luck with their final exams.  We’ve found that the students REALLY look forward to receiving them and are invariably disappointed when they don’t.  So, make sure your student isn’t left out when we deliver these bags to A&M. 


For more information, contact the Ag Bag Committee Chair.

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